Delaware Law Enforcement for Progress (DLEP) is a non-partisan, registered 501(c)4 comprised of former law enforcement officials dedicated to criminal justice reform. Through lobbying and raising awareness, DLEP seeks to change the current culture and systemic issues of law enforcement by focusing on reforming three long-standing criminal justice issues:

1) The War on Drugs.

Drug addiction should be treated as a mental health issue and not a criminal justice issue.  Legalizing marijuana and liberalizing our current drug laws are the appropriate first steps to reversing this failed war.  Billions of taxpayer dollars spent on combating drugs has proven futile, as evidenced by the current heroin epidemic.

2) Civil asset forfeiture.

Civil asset forfeiture is the process by which police officers seize property of people suspected of committing a crime without charging them. Americans should feel secure with their possessions and law enforcement should have no right to seize property unless individuals are charged with a crime.

3) Ticket quotas.

Americans have constitutional rights and should be viewed by law enforcement as such, and not just as a potential arrest for officers to pad their arrest statistics or to impress supervisors.  Mandating officers to make arrests or contacts, whether formally or informally, runs contrary to promoting positive community relations and is already outlawed in several states.